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‘’The proprietary technology and unique capabilities of microfilament technology will be the strength of marketing activities to attract the commercial and institutional cleaning industry, including distributors, wholesalers, building service contractors, residential cleaners, and in-house professionals. ‘’


The microfilament technology makes the fabric with continuous filament, from polymers into microfilament cloth in one pass production process. It is a more cost-effective process, compared to microfiber cloth multiple processes and the supply chain is from polymer chip to short-cut fiber, to yarn, then to knitted cloth.


Asterion® performance cloths are made from microfilaments 100 times thinner than the human hair and 5 to 10 times thinner than microfibers. 

The entanglement of these very fine microfilaments, when combined with hydrophilic treatment or other post-treatment, activate micro-channels, which yield enhanced performance for a wide variety of different application. 

Asterion® provides very effective performance for cleaning dust and dirt commonly found in industry, light and heavy manufacturing, and professional cleaning. 

Asterion® performance cleaning cloths are a cost-effective, convenient and portable tool for spot cleaning and wiping of irregularly shaped surfaces, trap dust and dirt within its structure.

Ideal for sensitive and difficult surfaces:

With its unique endless filaments, Asterion® in addition to difficult and sensitive surfaces, offer an ideal solution to clean or dry glass and painted surfaces. 

 The endless filaments ensure dimensional strength and stability while ensuring safe, scratch-free, smear-free wiping.

The end of linting and protruding fiber ends:

Asterion® performance cloths, produced with microfilament technology, ensure a surface with no protruding ends and no linting. 

The endless microfilaments provide a completely smooth fabric that is ‘fiber-end-free’ with no fraying at cut ends.

Liquid absorption capacity:

Due to the extensive internal surface area created by microfilaments activated with the hydrophilic treatment, Asterion® performance cloths can absorb up to 5 times its weight in liquids.


The microfilament fabric is durable enough to withstand long wash cycles at temperatures from 30° to 60°C (common home wash temperature) without degradation of strength, shape or surface. 

Asterion® can also be washed at up to 95o for the hospital, and institutional use.

Respect for the environment:

No binders, solvents or PVC are used during the Asterion® production process thereby supporting reduction of the waste’s environmental impact. 

 However, most importantly, because Asterion® is lint-free there is no micro-fiber particles carry-off with the discharged wash water to damage the environment. 

Water treatment plants cannot fully filter microscopic micro fiber particles which are then sent into bodies of water and which eventually enter the food chain.

Multi-Directionally Strong Structure:

The microfilament fabric possesses a special structure, which is strong in all directions. Asterion® performance cloths do not lose their shape or uniformity even after heavy use or multiple wash cycles. 

Also, Asterion® does not leave particles behind during cleaning to contaminate the environment.


Microfilament fabrics, due to their long lifetime of good performance, provide a long lifecycle of use, therefore, become cost effective for the user.


Asterion® has enhanced cleaning performance, thanks to always 30% polyamide content, both delivering soft surface and cleaning performance.

Harmful substance-free:

Asterion® performance cloth base fabric “Madaline®” has been proven for skin-friendly and non-sensitizing to the skin, low friction character reduces the stress on the hands and arms.

Quick to breathe and dry:

The endless microfilaments create micro-channels which, when compared to traditional textiles and microfibers, dries much more quickly, thereby saving both energy and time for the user.


Asterion® performance cloths, due to their lint-free attribute, naturally mitigate the build-up of static charge but, can also be treated to achieve an absolute antistatic nature. 

Asterion® antistatic cloths provide high performance for cleaning applications such as sensitive electronic goods and sensitive equipment.